Benefits of serviced apartments

There are many reasons why clients wish to stay in serviced apartments including:-

  • They are working away from home on corporate secondments / projects / placements.
  • They need alternative accommodation during ongoing works to their existing property.
  • Alternative accommodation for insurance claims.
  • Tourists looking for larger family accommodation or for longer stay value for money accommodation.
  • There is a gap between their purchasing a new property.
  • Accommodation for crew and actors during filming and productions.

Value for money

  • Up to 30% less than a comparable hotel room.
  • We can negotiate preferential rates for regular and long term clients.
  • The rate is generally cheaper the longer your stay in a serviced apartment and if your stay exceeds 28 nights, VAT drops to just 4%.

Fewer Living Costs

All serviced apartments:-

  • Have a kitchen or a kitchenette, cutting costs on restaurant and room service bills.
  • Serviced apartments typically include internet / Wifi connectivity which are included in the price, whilst most hotels charge for internet at an additional cost.
  • Serviced Apartments include cleaning / maid services.
  • The rate is inclusive of all utility charges.

More Space

  • Serviced apartments typically offer approximately 25% more space than a hotel room.
  • Separate reception and bedrooms.
  • Extra bedrooms and lounges in larger units are ideal for families on extended holiday/vacation or who are relocating.


  • Most apartments have once weekly maid service ensuring you won't have your privacy invaded on a regular basis.
  • It can be used as a work area so that you can get those important projects finished without interruption.


  • Flexibility of Location compared to a hotel, the apartments often enable you to live in a more residential, quiet area if that is your wish.
  • At home you can eat what you want, when you want - or dine out at restaurants when you choose. It's the same in a serviced apartment. Kitchen facilities mean you can cook whatever you feel like making, when you want to.
  • It's far easier to entertain guests when you have your own space. This means you can hold meetings with clients in your living room, or work at the apartment (many have desks).
  • You can also have your friends and family to visit: many apartments have sofa beds, so it's easy for guests to stay the night.